Road ID iPhone App For Cyclists And Runners

I’m sharing a post from All Seasons Cyclist where he reviews the recently introduced Road ID iphone app. This looks like a great safety tool for runners and cyclists or anyone who does solo getaways to the outdoors. It’s still in beta, so input from users will be helpful as they do the fine tuning.

All Seasons Cyclist

As I was watching the Tour de France last week I saw an interview with Edward Wimmer, one of the co-owners of Road ID (the most essential piece of cycling gear I own). During the interview Wimmer mentioned that Road ID had recently introduced a free iPhone app that would allow your friends or family to track you while you are out on a ride or going for a run. I downloaded the app this past Monday and it has quickly become one of the most important apps on my iPhone!

The Road ID iPhone app is very simple to set up and even easier to use. Once you download the app from the iTunes Store you input your basic information (name, address and email address), then you can select up to five of your contacts who will receive either an email or a text message when you are ready…

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    • I’m sure that will be my experience a time or two, With the Find Friends app I’ve been using, I just keep a key person on the locater so I don’t need to remember. I think both systems have advantages and disadvantages.

  1. This seems like a great alternative to purchasing a separate Garmin GPS tracker for long solo runs/ hikes as well! I’m looking forward to giving it a spin and seeing how battery life is impacted as well…thanks for the heads up!

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