A Rainy Harrisburg Half-Marathon

If it’s not one storm it’s another. Last weekend, the winds of Tropical Storm Gordon  let us know inland what was happening along the coast – and it was coming our way.  Fortunately, with my mishap at the Sasquatch yesterday, I had earlier decided to volunteer at the Harrisburg Half rather than running it this year.

My friend and bride-to-be Jenn stopped at my monitor station for a hello and a wet hug

I had a great course monitor spot located a couple of miles into the race. After my experience at Boston this year, I feel like an expert in dressing for heavy cold rains. A long sleeve merino shirt and my trusty North Face rain jacket, Helly Hanson waterproof pants (a staple in my  athletic gear drawer for going on 20 years) over my light running warmups. And let’s not forget that ridiculous yellow hat that does a superb job of keeping the rain falling several inches in front of my face instead of on it.

The overall winning time was Jason Ayr at 1:10:48, a 5:24 pace. First female and third runner overall was Emily Hume with a time of 1:19:25 and a 6:04 pace. Congratulations in order for both.

If you haven’t volunteered for a race, try volunteering as a course monitor. It’s a good way to see all the runners, from the elites flying by to the mid-pack to those in the back of the pack pushing forward with smiles on their faces.

It’s also a good way  to see and cheer on your friends who have trained hard for the race. Yesterday was a bit tough but most folks took it in stride. In Harrisburg., we run through sleet, snow, rain, and occasionally a day of sunshine.

Most t-shirts were hidden under rain gear on Sunday. Sarah made sure we knew she was wearing her 2014 Capital 10-Miler shirt. That shirt has become the symbol for completing a wicked race with weather conditions moving in faster than forecast, including blinding rain, wind, sleet and snow. The shirt conveys “I am a bad _ _ _ runner!”



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