It’s nearly Spring – Middle Creek Migration

The Middle Creek area of Pennsylvania has been the stopover for migrating birds for as long as anyone knows. The Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Middlecreek Wildlife Management Area ensures that this stopover remains accessible for waterfowl. In late February and March, tundra swans, snow geese and Canada geese in the thousands can be seen taking a break on their way north.

I took a drive to Middle Creek to join a hiking group on the Game Commission’s trails. It was a win/win to have the company of other hikers. The hike was followed up with joining many other nature lovers stopping by Middle Creek to view this great migration.

Each day during the height of the migration, the Game Commission posts an update and the size of the flocks for that particular day

Pre-hike, I made a bathroom stop into the visitor center.

Even the bathroom stalls in the visitor center are educational.
… and with beautiful illustrations of the various waterfowl that make this wildlife area home.

The visitor center has a heritage museum as well. I took a quick walk through, but will definitely make this a longer stop when friends who enjoy the outdoors come to visit.

We are not in hunting season, so it was a good day for a hike through the gameland trails. The hike was relatively gentle with about 600 feet of ascent and of descent over a five-mile distance.

Should you decide to bring the family and make this stop to view the migration, be ready for about a 1/2 mile stroll down the path to the viewing area.

Enjoy the chatter of the geese with the chatter of the flock of humans in the background

What are you doing to make your own migration from Winter to Spring? As for me, I’m headed out the door for a frosty morning run.

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