Christmas Walk at Little Buffalo

It’s a beautiful day for a walk in the woods. Actually, I wrote this post more than a year ago and for reasons now forgotten, left it unpublished. So, please enjoy the lights of the 2019 season through the woods at Little Buffalo State Park.

And for 2020, I noticed the park has added weekly bird walks, so if this in your interest check out their calendar.

I love our state parks in Pennsylvania. Each has its own personality. This week, I ventured to Little Buffalo State Park. It’s a lovely drive through a couple of small towns before arriving at the park entrance.

Ice along the trails, but it doesn’t yet cover Holman Lake

Hike leaders started us off on an easy trail overlooking the Holman Lake. With just a coating of snow on the ground, we began a gentle climb.

White blazes told me in were on the trail heading up Buffalo Ridge. Up onto the ridge, we walked through forest with mixed trees including hemlock, our state tree.

One of the hikers picked up a small hemlock branch and showed us the evidence of hemlock woolly adelgid hiding on the underside of the needles. This is a non-native insect that is destroying the hemlocks and causing damage to the forest area.

We then did a short walk along the Little Buffalo Creek, a relaxing section with sounds of bubbling water passing over rocks.

As we made our final descent, we saw hundreds of twinkling lights and heard the strains of Pachelbel’s Canon, a lovely finish to our time in the woods.

Lower trails and the adjacent buildings were sparkling as we made our way , stopping briefly to warm our hands over a fire, then good-byes, wishing happy tidings, and off to the parking lot.

As we left behind the delightful site and drove out of the parking lot in full darkness, many cars were just arriving. Walking the trails of light with their children is a tradition for many families.

The Best of Holidays to one and all.


  1. Mary, thanks for a great blog….and great photos. Happy new year to you and Ray. Hope all is well and that we canfind time to get together in the coming year. our bestCliff & Kate

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