Safari on the Maasai Mara

The word ‘safari’ comes from the Arabic and Swahili term to journey. So, for this final post on my trip to Kenya, we safari across the Mara to see what we can see.

Let me first say if you are planning a safari here, you are in for a bumpy ride. Not complaining, just know what you are in for. My safari through Kruger National Park in South Africa, and my trip in a land rover over Mongolia’s Gobi Dessert could not match this rough and ready trip. So worth it, but be prepared. The video below shows a portion of a drive as we pass Massai herders with their cattle.

Successful animal sitings on a safari are a bit of luck and timing. Our days on the Mara were overwhelmingly successful in what we saw and experienced.

Like these lovely elephants grazing on the long grass. Females travel together with babies and adolescents. The oldest female is the matriarch.

This lion was not visible in the high grass and suddenly he was there, approaching an open area.

The following morning we saw another pride, enjoying a late nap under the brush. Morning on the Mara appears peaceful. Other than the soft conversation over the radio among other safari drivers, there is only bird sound and the soft rustle of long grasses.

As we drove across the Mara, there were topi and impala grazing together, Thomson’s gazelles look about as they munch the grass.


Birds are huge on the Mara. We saw several flocks of ostriches. I wondered if any of the storks on the Mara were among those we saw on the rooftops in Switzerland.

It was breathtaking to see this coalition of cheetah. Our guide Raphael said cheetah generally travel alone and hunt solo, but this group of brothers have hung out together since birth.

And not to overlook the playful warthog, and the not so friendly hyena.

Finally, we watched from the distance of a cliff overlook as a bloat of hippopatamuses moved about in the river. Distance was important as hippos kill more people than any other animal in Africa.

This was a beautiful safari offering such a rich experience. We leave the Mara and make the return trip through the Great Rift Valley and to Nairobi. Thank you Raphael, and Gate 1 Travel!.


  1. Hey Mary,  Happy New Year. Wow. Great photos and movies. Thanks for sharing. When did you go on this trip?  Hope you and Ray are doing well and staying safe. We are getting our second Pfizer dosetomorrow….yea. Cliff 

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