Localeikki – An App for Active Travelers

What kind of a name is that?  That was my first question when I read about this app.  The second question was “what does it do?” Both are answered on the website localeikki.com, but I’ll offer my brief version of how it works.

The app is basically a national database of recommended locations and groups,

photoat this point limited to the activities of running, biking, walking and hiking. The user can benefit from and add to the database in two ways:

1) Use the app when traveling (or even at home), to determine 1) places or courses near you and 2) any groups that meet anywhere near you for outdoor activities. The group information may also include details beyond directions and time (moderate skill level, group runs at an 8-minute pace, all levels welcome, etc.).  There is a “search” category to plan ahead before visiting a locality.

2) Add local information, such as a favorite trail or running/hiking/biking route and/or add a “group” activity.  Input from local outdoor enthusiasts – that’s you and me – will be important since we usually know the terrain better than the average concierge or family friend sending the visitor out the door for some exercise.

As someone who rambles around this world a bit, I decided the purchase of this app on my iphone would be $2 well spent.

After making my purchase, I had a brief problem getting it to load. I emailed for help and co-founder Tracy McMillan responded, quickly resolving the issue.  I deleted the app and reloaded, which took all of about two minutes.

My first use of the localeikki app was to check out running trails and running groups close to home (see #1 above).  The app brought up running groups a hundred miles away.  Oh, we can do better than that Central Pennsylvania. I immediately moved into “add” mode (see #2 above) with a favorite course

Towpath at Wildwood Park
Towpath at Wildwood Park

in the “places” category. I talked with the group leader for a couple of my groups runs and we added those as well. Adding a place or a group was a smooth process.  Inserting a a photo and the map link was a breeze.

The app is still early in development. Unveiled in August, it may take a bit of time before the local information fills out. Localeikki is encouraging users to bring anything to their attention that would improve its use.

The name?  Well, “leikki” in Finnish means “play.”  The “loca” comes from use of the term in local movements such as purchasing food grown locally.  The app gives users information to play local, wherever they travel and where the locals have added information on their favorite routes and groups.

So, why use this app?  For me, it puts everything under one roof.  I don’t need to search multiple sites for trails or running clubs. After the prompt response from Tracy, and the ease I found in using this app, I volunteered to be an ambassador for localeikki. 

Do you look for local groups or trails when you travel? I’d love to hear whether you are using the localeikki app or what methods you use to find local trails, tracks, courses and how you find local groups for a casual run, ride or hike.

In the meantime, I’m out the door for a run, playing local.


  1. I had never heard of this app, but think it is a great idea!

    It probably will take a few months of adoption and users adding to it before it becomes as useful as it could be but I think I may download it next year when I will be doing more traveling.

    A great idea for those that may be gone a week or more out of the month but still want to get in their runs somewhere great when they are gone.

    Thanks for the review and to alerting us to an interesting app!


    • You’re welcome, Chris. I agree it will take a bit of time to fill in as people become aware of the app and use it when traveling, as well as adding their own local trails and group runs. It will be fun to watch this grow.

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