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Travel Theme: Energy


The white geothermal pipeline snaking through the ruggedly beautiful countryside captures steam that is processed and provides much of the needed energy for the Reykjavik region.


My friends in travel over at Where’s My Backpack? have sparked memories of steaming streams, fumaroles and geysers. I’m flipping through photos of a beautiful, energy-efficient land. It’s a timely topic.



Those of us living in the Northeast United States are growing weary of deep-freeze temperatures, comparing notes on fuel prices, watching the electric meter click away, and taking a deep breath before opening the utility bill.


Here is my solution: Move to Iceland. Your energy bill will be $0 (or, um, 0 kr). The land under their feet and the technology aboveground sustains their energy needs. Here, no one will ask you to turn down the thermostat or hit the light switch as you leave a room.

IMG_0647 - Version 2


In a more low-tech and time-tested method, the energy from streams fed from the underground heat will bake your bread and cook your lunch.



Finally, get on your feet. Use your personal energy and take a run or a walk in the Laugarnes area on one of the interlinking paths around Reykjavik. It will take you from the Videy Ferry Terminal toward the City Center and link in with other trails as well.



  Movin’ it with Michelle wrote @

Gosh, what lovely pics. It’s so nice to see green grass! 🙂

  Still a Runner wrote @

Yes, photos will have to do until Spring arrives here.

  Just a Running Chick wrote @

Neat pics! My face is red and raw from this horrible coldness.

  Still a Runner wrote @

I understand, and the wind has been vicious on my last two runs. I dug an old silk balaclava out of my winter wear stash. It has saved my face.

  runsonsyrup wrote @

Beautiful pics!

  Still a Runner wrote @

Thank you, with credit to the beauty of this island country.

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