My DWR’s (Daydreaming While Running)

Who doesn’t love that sensation of being in the zone during a run? My generally cautious nature of being aware of my surrounding goes by the wayside when running in the zone moves to a state of running in trance

Industrial Road section of the Harrisburg Marathon course – not a good place for trance running

So far the most unsettling result of moving to the trance state occurred on a day I left my office for a quick lunchtime run. Somewhere along the riverfront on that beautiful afternoon, I slipped into the trance. Coming out of it, I was more than a mile past my planned turnaround point. After picking up the pace while rehearsing in my head the points I needed to make at the upcoming meeting I would be late for (or was it already happening), taking the fastest shower in history and silently slipping into a chair in the meeting room, disaster was averted. For some reason, my fellow attendees thought I had been at another meeting and were impressed that I rushed over to participate in their discussion. I don’t know what led them to that conclusion about my tardiness, although it may have been my red cheeks still flaring off/on like a stuck red traffic signal, still settling in from the effort of my sprint return.

Then of course, there was that finish line incident. Are any of my readers old enough to remember when road races used pull tags from race bibs and if the race was large enough, separate shoots were for set up for men and women? I was in that punchy-near-the-end type of trance when one of the shoot monitors was shouting “Miss, Miss – to the right – women to the right.” (I was young enough then to still be called a miss.) It didn’t register that he was shouting at me until somehow through body language, he redirected my trance-like brain state to do that simple thing – finish in the women’s shoot.

But enough about my tales of trance-like running state. Surely, you have some to share. Please tell.

An unexpected running partner in her own trance. It’s a good thing one of us was alert.


  1. I haven’t been in the zone in running for a while. I’ve been trying to figure out what killed my love for running. I used to run several times per week.

    But I do have an in the zone story for you. Maybe one day I’ll write a blog post about it, but here’s the short version.

    I was running a 5k charity race and my heart conditions chimed in. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it will not be ignored. Well this time was worse than usual and I remember seeing an ambulance and wondering if I should stop. I thought of having to forfeit the race and sitting there while I was fussed over and was immediately revolted. Well being the stubborn little thing I am, you can guess what I did. I kept going. A km later, my heart came to its senses and stopped messing up my run. I finished that run with a new personal best. I don’t think I’ve ever beaten that score since. 😂

    • I drew in my breath reading about your decision to continue running. That is such a tough call and you clearly know your body well. I’d love to read a blog flushing out that experience.

      • Thank you! I really thought I was going to die, to be perfectly honest. But I decided I would rather die running than die with a mask over my face in the back of an ambulance. I think my body was rather impressed with this and changed its mine, haha. I’ll definitely work on a post about it. Adding the idea to my drafts now.

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