And the virus marches on . . .

I was ready to push the publish button on the next post in a series on the colorful and exciting country of Kenya. Then, I learned that the coronavirus had late last week finally made its way to Africa, the last continent to hold the virus at bay.

Map is displayed at the ‎⁨Kikuyu Escarpment Forest⁩, ⁨Kiambu⁩, ⁨Central⁩, ⁨Kenya⁩

I don’t have the heart, at this moment, to share the warm experiences of meeting people in the countryside and the site of beautiful animals grazing on the Masai Mara in the morning mist. Those posts containing my warm memories will sit in the draft file until I would again be ready to encourage others to make that journey.

Many of the restrictions we have in the USA were put into place immediately in Kenya. I understand that presently, travel from any country with any case of Coronavirus is restricted. Only Kenyan citizens, and any foreigners with valid residence permits are allowed in and must self quarantine in a government designated quarantine facility.

Given today’s worldwide travel restrictions, I’m thankful that the opportunity to make a return trip to the continent of Africa and to visit the country of Kenya for the first time just a short period of time before the devastation began in my own country – and now in Kenya.

So for now, I’m ready to do my part and #stayhome.


  1. MaryLou
    Loved your last post on Kenya. I think everyone feels the same. Even Steve and I have already cancelled 2 vacations abroad and 1 domestic. This is the saddest and most depressing thing I have ever experienced in my lifetime and I am sure people share the same feeling around the globe.
    Stay safe and all we can do is keep running………..

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