Reflections on odd revelations during my stay-at-home

When the world seems overwhelming, it feels like a welcome indulgence to consider the trivial. Here are some of my trivial thoughts:

So, why have I been carrying a purse all these years?

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on

During the first days of stay-at-home orders, I decided that if I had to leave the house I would carry as little as possible, less surface to bring any virus in from the outside world. Since I carried the minimum when running, it was easy to pair it down to essentials: cell phone, credit card, sunglasses perched on my head, maybe my driver’s license, keys. So I ask myself again, why have I been carrying a purse around all these years? I don’t know.

Cinnamon Buns as a coping mechanism. I really like cinnamon buns. Maybe the rest of world already knew, but Pizza Hut sells some great little cinnamon buns. Packs of tiny cinnamon buns, just a bite or two each. Why is a pizza place selling cinnamon buns? I don’t know but I heartily approve. Another question: is it bad form to simply order cinnamon buns and not order pizza?

Photo by NastyaSensei on

I ordered a pizza on-line one evening and noticed that cinnamon buns were included on the menu. So, of course I added them to my drive-up contactless order. Now, the dilemma: is it bad form to just order cinnamon buns and not the pizza?

Introverts Thrive. – Ok, this is cheating a bit since I’m aware of my tendency to be an introvert. I have compared notes with some of my more extroverted friends. We agree they have a more difficult time staying to themselves. I have been mostly content. A framed quote sitting on my bookcase (borrowed from someone I know not who) reads:

Running and walking are well-suited sports for any stay-at-home. It has been wonderful to go out the door, with a just-in-case face mask or scarf tucked aside, and go striding down the street. It’s mostly easy to avoid other runners, walkers and dog walkers. I have sympathy for those who play tennis, golf and any other form of group sports where leagues were cancelled. Although races were (and mostly still are) cancelled, we could still run and walk. For this, I have been so grateful.

So, what quirky truths have you discovered during your days of staying at home and working from home ?

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