Gates On O’ahu

Most islands, and many seaside areas where I have traveled have something in common: gated homes. I’m not speaking of gated communities, but of individual homes with gate access.

My morning runs give me time to ponder why the property gate is prevalent in communities on or near the water. Maybe the gates serve a need for privacy as some of the homes are located along busy highways and are in close proximity to other homes. This post won’t answer the ‘why’ question, but instead will share with you the choice of gates, from the mundane to the beautiful, on the many homes in Honolulu, Hawaii.

What most gates on the island of O’ahu have in common are the use of elements: wood and metal. Beyond that their style varies, depending on the home and taste of the owners.

Let’s start with some basic utilitarian gates. They are generally metal, with some made of wood. There is usually some geometric aspect to add interest.

Then, there are the gates that allow some view of the property. They are beautiful in design and offer less privacy but still limit physical access. Notice in one of the photos the Pacific Ocean beckoning behind the home and the fence.

Next, there are the beautifully colored and designed gates reflecting the bounty of the island; sea life, plants, mountains and beach.

Finally, my favorite gate – so far. It is made of a beautiful wood with sculptures of the surrounding foliage. Look at the imagery of surfing, ocean- going history and perhaps legends of the people of this island. I’m especially partial to the lovely sea turtle, my spirit animal.

What are your experiences with gates and island or ocean homes? Do you know anything of their history?


  1. Hey Mary, You hit a great idea for a coffee table book……to compete with the Doors of Dublin. Beautiful photosand a great idea. Really enjoy your blog. Trust that Seth is doing well. Will continue to try and reach Ray….is there a good number to reach him? cliff

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