National Senior Games – Event #2 – 10K

My plan for running the 10K was to stay on pace to finish in just under an hour. As I stepped out of the hotel into a hot humidity-thick 6:15 a.m., I knew that a sub-1 hour finish had to be reconsidered.

The event took place at Vista View Park In Davie, Florida. It’s a great family park with a lot of paths and plenty of picnic areas.

I did a brief warmup and found I was dripping in sweat before the 7:30 a.m. start. Things didn’t get better. There was very little shade on the course. I don’t usually stop for water for the 10K distance, but in this case I grabbed cups at both stops; one to drink and the other to pour over my head.

Around mile 4, I strongly considered dropping and finding my way back to the finish. Kittie, who I had met a few days before at the 5K, was spectating and cheering. I don’t recall what she called to me, but whatever it was gave me the incentive to keep running.

I was thankful to finish with a time of 1:02:13. Apparently everyone in my age group was having a similar problem with the heat, because I finished first out of nine women in my age group (W75-79).

So, what do National Senior Games runners do while waiting for awards to be announced. After a hot 6+ miles, we dance on the hot tarmac. Why not?

Overall, there were 198 runners from age 50 to age 90 who finished this run-through-the humidity 10K. So, enough with the road racing. It’s on to an 800-meter on the track for me. Stay tuned and come along.


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