Garmin signals ‘Wrap-up the Old’

Dear Garmin: The political, professional and personal end-of-year wrap-ups were overwhelming. Journalists, analysts and bloggers endlessly trolled through their 2012 calendars.  I became a bit of a curmudgeon with no intention of joining in the fray.

But you, Garmin, thought otherwise.

Garmin Forerunner 305
Garmin Forerunner 305 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

December 30, as I volunteered for a Resolution 5K we did an early course run to place mile markers.  Along with your beep to indicate the first mile, you sent a message that your database was full – please delete some data.  I ignored you.  Usually, I can squeeze in another 10 or 12 runs before you are actually full.

December 31 during speedwork, the delete data message returned.  I gave in.  This was your  timely and clear message to me to join in the year-end review.

What would the stored information locked in your casing reveal about 2012? Your data and my notes held the secrets of my personal bests and personal worsts, training breakthroughs, and training mistakes.   My added notes spoke to all the ways running enriched my life this year, with notes of friends and family support at the finish line, vacation runs, and solo explorations.  It’s all there in the log: travel, food, injuries, health, training with friends, and the new opportunities to learn and challenge myself that popped up sporadically.  All of this finds me one year older but a stronger runner, and hopefully wiser all around.  It’s there in tersely noted entries that accompany the numbers.

Thank you, Garmin. You have been my consistent companion through 2012, beeping on queue, tolerating the wind, rain, dust, heat and cold, traveling with me this year across two oceans, visiting three countries and accurately measuring 1,400 miles of running plus more in bike mileage.  I complain  when your battery is suddenly low a few miles into a run, when it is I who forgot to set up a recharge. You are forgiving and quickly show a “charge complete” when given the opportunity.

Then, on December 31 you send the message to delete this year, to clear the table for what is to come. Who am I to argue with the impeccable timing of such a steadfast piece of equipment?  After ensuring a copy of all notes and data are secured in my laptop, I hit the “delete all” button.

Garmin, you and me, here we come in 2013! I’m still running and you, amongst all my wonderful running buddies, are still my most frequent and reliable running partner (but don’t tell the others).

River Runners 13K run NY day 2013
River Runners 13K run New Year’s Day 2013

So, we’re off to a first run of the year with River Runners, a great group to be with any time of the year, but particularly on a cold and overcast January day.  They make every run a special event. 

Riverfront Park

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