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Parc Linéaire Le P’tit Train du Nord

A road trip mixing business and recreation brought interesting scenery and a desire to get back into the run.  A post by fellow blogger Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack led me to think of  the trip as a pathway to travel and also a pathway to full-blown running in recovery.


After leaving Ontario by crossing the  Ottawa River on the ferry, I’m soon into the Quebec countryside.

Exiting the four-lane highway, there are signs of fresh crops and late Spring.  The farms along this route provide wonderful scenery and grow healthy food, reminding me that the areas farmers markets will soon be opening.

Ferme la Macédoine
Ferme la Macédoine  The link has several photos of additional asparagus sculptures.

I first pass an asparagus farm, then come upon beef cattle grazing in the pasture of an organic farm  I make a mental note to stop in if and when I’m this way again.

Ferme Picardier
Ferme Picardier also has chickens and sells many organically grown items

The route through the countryside and small towns brought me to my destination. I made a beeline to the out of doors as soon as my appointed duties were taken care of.  The region is awash with cyclists.  After a few adjustments with some help from the friendly folks at Jo Velo, I joined the frey. After several days of cycling and walking, I concluded it was time to return to running.  Not the walk, then run a half mile, then walk again I was using to dip my toes back into running.  No, I had been gently easing my legs and recovering joint back into the rhythm of the run. Swimming and cycling had been reasonable alternatives to stay active, but avoid impact.  

Now I was ready, a little frightened but clearly ready. A positive email from my running friend Patty was the final trigger I needed to get back out there. Waiting for me was a nearby pathway with a relatively smooth surface and a sandy soil base, perfect for a debut post-injury run.

My last real run had been on a cold February day, logging ten miles at marathon pace, bookended by a combined three miles of warm-up and cool-down. This day’s return to my post-recovery running premier was four miles, and nowhere near marathon pace. It was the beginning of a journey from where I am today.  A slow but sure return is the route I’m taking, and I chose just the right pathway.

What is your pathway for the next scary step in your life?

What is waiting around the bend for you?
What is waiting around the bend for you?


  1. Mary Lou
    Glad to hear you are back running.
    But, be patient. Take your time. It takes time to come back after an injury.

    • I’m glad to be back as well and I’m taking your advice. Look forward to running with you again although I don’t guarantee I’ll be keeping pace anytime soon.

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