Can Route 66 be Revisited? Oh Yeah, Let’s Run It

Route 66

It’s good to have a goal.  Goals help us work toward an achievement and leave us with a sense of celebration.  It’s also fun to tie a goal to a significant event in life. I can’t remember how I have acknowledged each of the first 64 birthdays, but 65 was different.  I remember that milestone, the goal – and achievement – of qualifying for and participating in the National Senior Games.

But, here I am already at 66.  What to set as a memorable goal?

Route 66 popped into my mind.  Not too crazy, not crazy enough to run the entire 2,000 miles. But why not in my 66th year a goal to run 66 miles of races on or near the Historic Route 66? I pulled up a Route 66 map off google and let my travel bug out for a mad crawl.  As my fingers traced the bright line on the map, I saw that I have friends and relatives in a number of states along the route.  Won’t they be surprised to see me.

DVDs Season 1 & 2

I let the idea simmer for a week or two. Then, one day I walked through the doors of my local library and what did I see on the “recently acquired” rack?  It was a full set of DVD’s with the entire three seasons of the 1960’2 television series, Route 66. The first few bars of that Nelson Riddle composition began playing in my head. I checked out the first two sets and made an evening of it, setting off once again on Route 66 along with Buzz and Tod and that red Corvette.

I’m scribbling notes and ideas to flush out the plan. Historic Route 66 travels through six states and stretches from Chicago to Los Angeles where it ends at the Pacific Ocean.

Route 66 - End of the Trail - Santa Monica Pier
Route 66 – End of the Trail – Santa Monica Pier (Photo credit: Al_HikesAZ)

There is much research to be done to 1) find races that are on or near Route 66, and then 2) select those that logistically fit my schedule and training.

The runners I know come up with some unusual running goals. I’m thinking I am not the first 66-year old runner to dream up such a plan.

So, my dear, knowledgable running friends, have you run races on or within five or six miles of Route 66, or are you located near any that you would recommend?

And as for my friends and relatives near Route 66, keep the porch light on for me. 


  1. Mary Lou
    Sounds like fun. I wish you all the best. And Happy Birthday did not know you hit 66. Getting past my age class.
    Check out and click on the states should tell you what is coming up. See you soon.

  2. Isn’t that interesting that you put that idea out into the universe and it’s responding back to you by putting those dvds in your path? That’s just as noteworthy, I believe!
    You go! What an adventure!

  3. What fun to look at the possibility of Rt 66–a perfect match on turning 66. Some thoughts from my adventures with Route 66 . . . a.. a.. In Albuquerque, the the U of NM Hospitals, Children’s Wing, 5th floor lobby, a large sculpture by Oliver LaGrone. Done as a WPA artists, only cast in the late 1990s. Since Larry and I tracked this down, Cynthia Tyger and Joel Hirsch have been there, as well as Carlotta Capitani and Dave Powell. a.. ALSO–another copy in the Albuquerque Art Museum, outdoor sculpture garden. “Mercy”–inspired by his mother nursing him to health in childhood, by feeding him tomatoes,. a.. On the W edge of Albuquerque there is a clever motor home park, where you can rent refurbished trailers, as one would a hotel room. Delightful ambiance. a.. Larry and I traveled much of Rt 66 in June-July 2011, including its only 90 degree turn, in Holbrook AZ. a.. The privately-owned Meteor Crater outside of Tucumcari AZ is a smashing experience. Apollo astronauts trained there. Owned originally by a PA mining engineer hoping to get rich from a buried meteorite. a.. A cute “memorial” to Rt 66 is in the Petrified Forest (AZ), a section where the Interstate now reigns.I taught first and third grade in Monrovia, CA in the 1960s, at First Lutheran School, 1/2 block from Rt 66. a.. Endless list of fascinating sites, almost everywhere along the Route, now much-pumped for tourists.

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