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2014 Roughed-out Race Schedule

With a new year and new hopes, some familiar and some new races are in the mix. After a 2013 that started strong only to fall flat with a non-running injury, I look forward to a fresh start. Here is my  enthusiastically penciled in list of potential races, big and small, old and new.


Runners warming up before the Georgetown 10-Miler start

Georgetown 10-Miler – March 8 & 9 – I was signed up last year for this 10-miler held by the DC Running Club, but that darn skiing injury got in the way. Instead, I volunteered at the start/finish. This race sold out last year and has expanded to offer the 10-Miler as a two-day event.


Mile 2 of the Capital 10-Miler

Capital 10-Miler – a run for the Arts – March 30th in Harrisburg PA. I will be directing rather than running this one, but I am having fun watching friends put together teams.  We offer a flat course along the river, over bridges and out of traffic.  Participating arts organizations offer discounts and tickets to registrants and award winners.  I’m happy to see my fellow running and food blogger at See Jain Run is coming in for the race.

Boston MarathonAgain, injury made me a no-show in 2013.  There is so much to be said about this race, I won’t try to tackle it here. With the injury, I wasn’t trained for a fresh qualifying marathon in 2013, but thankfully my time and the date of the Hamptons Marathon in 2012 tided me over.


HARRC After Dark Riverfront course

HARRC After Dark Harrisburg PA 7K race at 7 p.m.  The Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) has sanctioned this race as the Pennsylvania State Championship 7K for 2014. This is a wonderful evening race along the Susquehanna Riverfront. Early enough to enjoy post-race festivities, grab a shower and go out for dinner.

New York City Marathon – Sunday, November 2nd.  I didn’t intentionally schedule two huge big city races in the same year, but circumstances sometimes dictate. I was registered with a qualifying time in 2012 when NY cancelled.  NY offered a choice of registration for 2013 or 2014.  It’s fortunate I chose 2014 since 2013 was a no-go for marathon training.

Across the Bay 10K – Chesapeake Bay Bridge Run – I’m considering this, even though its a week after New York.  The Bay Bridge is beautiful and the event’s director is none other than Boston Marathon Race Director Dave McGillivary. The race is almost sold out. Time to decide.

What else? To meet my goal of running 66 miles on Route 66 in the 66th year, I must soon find the time and the right races or runs.  I have another 41 miles to go to reach my goal and the clock is ticking.

State Senior Games of 2014 I may or may not go to Minneapolis for the National Senior Games is 2015, but I plan to run a couple of qualifying races at the State Senior Games this year. If you are over 50, you’re qualified to participate in the State Games. Road races are one small component of the many athletic competitions they offer.  Try it just for fun. If your state’s schedule doesn’t work for you, check out a neighboring state. In 2011, I qualified for the 2013 National Senior Games 5K at the Pennsylania State Games and qualified for the 10K at the Delaware event.

That’s my roughed-out race plan for the year. Will I see any of my readers at these races? What’s your plan?



  Jim Brennan wrote @

Mary Lou, you make me want to get up and run. I’m right where you were in 2013, on the sidelines injured, yet optimistic of what the year will bring. I’m back to a magician chiropractor this afternoon for the third visit in a week and feeling 100% better than my first visit four days ago. Now get running, and do a few miles for me until I’m back on my feet. Nice plan, and good luck!

  Still a Runner wrote @

Hmmm, a magician chiropractor. A good find.

  paigesato wrote @

Thanks for the head’s up on the Harrisburg 10M–I may add that to my 2015 schedule as my oldest will then be in school in PA (and it will give me a reason to go visit)!

  Still a Runner wrote @

Fantastic. We added teams this year and runners are having lots of fun with it. Maybe we could put together a running bloggers team next year. Between you, and me we already have three.

  paigesato wrote @

I’d be up for that!

  CultFit wrote @

Here’s to many happy miles this coming year!

  Still a Runner wrote @

Thank you. I’m so enthused, even the sub-freezing temp didn’t keep me in.

  kelly leighton wrote @

See you in Boston! 🙂
I may also do the Capitol 10-Miler if scheduling permits.

  Still a Runner wrote @

Boston here we come! I’d love to see you at the Capital 10-Miler. I hope it works out.

  Mind Margins wrote @

I love your plan to run 66 miles on Route 66 on your 66th bday. Very impressive! What stretch of it are you planning on running?

  Still a Runner wrote @

Oh, you ultra runner. I’m doing the 66 miles over my 66th year, not in one day on my birthday. So far, I did the Joplin 1/2 Marathon, along with some extra mileage there. I’d like to do a race near the start in Chicago and if logistics permit maybe a short race near the ocean end of Route 66 in CA. I also have friends and relatives in AZ, so I may try to work something up there. Any suggestions?

  Mind Margins wrote @

Oops, sorry! I have no desire to run more than a 50K distance, so I understand. Your idea of splitting it up sounds much more fun anyway. There is the Route 66 marathon and half marathon in Tulsa, and the medal is always beautiful. It’s in November, the weekend before Thanksgiving.

  Still a Runner wrote @

Tulsa, hmmmm? I’ll add it to the potential list.

  fullmoonrunner wrote @

I really hope that 2014 will be a fantastic year for your, running and otherwise. I must confess though that the fact that injury kept out away from Boston 2013 gave me goosebumps… I wonder for how many others not making this iconic marathon was a blessing in disguise. It’ll be even more amazing to go this year and to not be stopped by anything. Best of luck!

  Still a Runner wrote @

So many others shared your thoughts and your goosebumps. I still shudder that I would have had a dear friend waiting at the finish line. Who understands these things?

  msmidt wrote @

Good luck on your race schedule. There are some neat runs on your list.

  Still a Runner wrote @

Thanks, and as you well know travel and running go so well together.

  locutus08 wrote @

Sounds like a great list of races! Someday I’ll get to NYC 🙂

  Still a Runner wrote @

Thanks. This will be my first NYC Marathon. It’s a city I enjoy so i’m looking forward to a good experience on many levels.

  trueindigo wrote @

Looks like we will be crossing paths at the Capital 10-miler & the NYC Marathon this year Mary Lou. It’ll be my first time to run the full in NYC and I will be staying with family there.

  Still a Runner wrote @

Great about NYC. It will be my first as well. This is a reminder I need to firm up my housing plans. Let me know if you plan to do another practice run on the Capital 10-miler course. We’ll probably get a group together to run the course (once the ice has cleared the path) late February/early March.

  Frank at northqueensrunner wrote @

It’s good to see you are up and running (literally) after your 2013 setbacks. That is quite a year you have planned. I ran NYC in 2013 and the atmosphere was electric. Here’s wishing you a productive year, Frank

  Still a Runner wrote @

Thanks, Frank. Sorry about the delay in responding. I’m race director for an upcoming 10-Miler ( and am not my usual punctual self. I’m glad you had a good NY in 2013 – it will be my first in 2014 and am looking forward to all the excitement – and a good run.

  Hilly Half in Chambersburg | Still a Runner wrote @

[…] Georgetown 10-Miler was on the list in my Roughed-Out Race Schedule and was also scheduled for this weekend. I made the switch to Chambersburg, mostly to take on a […]

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