Kicking off my Blog Break

It’s amazing what you find at the bottom of the in-box. I’m catching up on some of the areas of life I have put to the side as major projects and training took precedence.

One of the items set aside was a package from the folks over at Hungry & Fit. It contained a smashing pair of tomato-red Moosejaw sunglasses, just in time for my blog break. Nothing says summer break like a pair of red sunglasses. IMG_0057

Hungry & Fit is a great blog, knowledgable in food and fitness. My favorite to date is a post this couple did in April of 2013 titled 6 Exercises You Should be Doing Over 60. I keep a link handy as a reminder when I’m traveling or on those days when there is nothing of intensity scheduled. All you need is your body, a few square feet of floor space and, for exercise #2, a resistance band . 


In place of my usual posts, expect to see some of some of my favorite quotations from women athletes, primarily senior women athletes, and I’ll catch up with the conversation on my return.sun-wearing-sunglasses

With or without tomato-red Moosejaws, enjoy the sunshine. 


  1. Enjoy your break Mary…..going anywhere special? How is Ray doing….how is Seth?



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