An Ironman Story Written in Chalk

Let me tell you a story. A story that everyone who has trained hard for a race, then had it cancel, will appreciate. This story is told primarily in chalk which is just as good a medium as any. The main character of the story is out there somewhere, but we don’t know him personally. All the same, we can understand his determination.

Details of the story are from my imagination, but the location is factual and the sentiments en fran├žais from his supporters are inspiring and sincere. His story takes place on a beautiful rail trail in Quebec, le P’tit Train du Nord.

There once was a tri-athlete, disappointed that Ironman Tremblant was cancelled for the second year due to COVID restrictions. Undeterred, our athlete, Jeff, doesn’t waste his training. He does a solo tri on the course on the day the Ironman would have been held.

We know Jeff has loving friends and family as they were out to cheer him on., This evidence is clear in the chalk messages left for him as he ran the segment of the course near the Old Village of Mont Tremblant.

Jeff runs the marathon portion of the tri as family and friends cheer him on.

Friends will have a small beer waiting for him at the finish. (apologies for the author’s shadow on the beer)

Someone is sending kisses and telling Daddy she loves him. I’m sure that warms his heart as he nears the finish.

Friends tell him to push, welcome back on his return leg, well done.

Every story needs a happy ending, and this is it for tri-athlete Jeff. Accomplished: Success of a Dream.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my story of disappointment, then perseverance, complete with a happy ending shared with family and friends. Jeff, you are an Ironman!

Have you run across a story worth telling?


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