USATF 2022 Masters Grand Prix Race Schedule Announced

I am already looking forward to 2022 and running a few destination or regional races. I was glad to see the full race schedule recently released for the USATF 2022 Masters Grand Prix. There is a lot of pent-up organizing and running energy in this schedule, brimming with both new and seasoned races.

Events are spread out through the country, so you may find one or two near you, or like me, a few hours drive away. And if not, this may be your year for a destination race. Scroll down on this link and you will see the complete schedule for the 2022 Grand Prix Championship Series:

Although I am not a member of a USATF club or team, I am an individual USATF member (cost about $45 annually) and run unattached. You don’t necessarily need to be a USATF member to race in most of their Masters races.

One of the reasons I like to run one of their series every now and then is to see how I rank among some really strong age-group women (in my case AG 70-74). There are also some perks as a member. For example, a discount on some entry fees, and at the Syracuse 1/2 Marathon, an area to do warmups indoors (this is after all Syracuse in March) as well as an opportunity to start with the elites.

Registration is open for the 1/2 marathon in Syracuse and well as the Atlanta 5K. I’ve already registered for the Syracuse 1/2 and would like to give the James Joyce Ramble 10K a try again. (My race report from 2016 here).

Finally, I’d like to try the 12K By Hook or by Crook in New Jersey in September. That would be a new distance and a new race for me. I’ll be waiting for their 2022 registration to open.

Have a good finale in 2021 and tell me about your race plans for 2022.

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