Capital 10-Miler Year 13 -always something new

The Capital 10-Miler – a Run For the Arts has developed a rich tradition with each of the thirteen years being memorable and different.

Our early Spring race administered by Open Stage raises funds for nonprofit arts organization in the wonderful City of Harrisburg. That doesn’t mean our weather is always wonderful. In various years we have experienced brilliant sunshine, biting sleet wind and rain, everything but fog – but who knows what may come next year.

What is consistent at the Capital 10-Miler is the energy of runners and volunteers who return every year they can, mingling with runners who have just discovered this fantastic 10-Miler.

We have a great certified course that avoids vehicular traffic and has a scenic path over bridges of the Susquehanna River, along Riverfront Park, and a stretch along the Capital Area Greenbelt. Given that our course is in an old city along a mercurial river, we are always ready for last-minute changes. Three or four of our thirteen years, course changes were needed when huge hunks of ice churned up by the river covered a section, another year when the river flooded and still another with ongoing municipal work forcing us to find work-arounds of pipes and equipment.

Still, we persevere. By example, this past Friday saw the race committee ferreting out changes to the course right up to dusk. Race Committee member Brad Garfinkel was out late evening and early morning ensuring that measurement and mile markers on the rerouted course were correct.

So, onto the actual race. The weather was of course a factor. Just as runners were lining up, a heavy downpour drenched everyone. Over the pounding rain, we could hear the strains of the National Anthem played by the wonderful No Last Call Street Band.

Almost as soon as the start sounded, the pelting rain stopped, turning to a light drizzle. Then, we left City Island via the Walnut Street Walking Bridge. Our course changes required a street crossing with impatient drivers honking while fire police kept our crossing safe. I pretended they were cheering us on. Then, down through the historic Shipoke neighborhood and onto the Greenbelt.

Another course change as we again crossed a road with the help of the fire police and continued on to the Cumberland Parkway portion of the Greenbelt. Along the path, blooming bulbs and flowering trees announced Spring. Our turnaround was near the beautiful Five Senses Garden.

Thankfully, I had the forethought to leave my newer running shoes in the closet and pulled out a pair of 10-year old Hokas. By the turnaround, both my socks and shoes were soaked and muddy, but I happily enjoyed seeing running friends coming and going amid the Spring greenery.

I crossed the finish line, at 1:45, five minutes slower than last year, and roughly 45 minutes after our winners, Fred Joslyn (55:15:78) and Aimee Phillippi-Taylor (1:01:45.75) crossed the finish line.

Many thanks to the outstanding Race Committee for the detailed planning and special touches that make for a well run and interesting Capital 10-Miler. Thanks as well to participating arts organizations, to Bill Bonney for sharing his great photographs and to DJ Lei Row for the great tunes, Falcon Race Timing for the flawless timing and Harrisburg Fire Police and Fairview Township EMS keeping us safe.

Mark your calendar for the 14th Capital 10-Miler on Saturday, April 6, 2024. It will be a great race for a great cause, whatever the course.


  1. Thanks Mary. Always great to receive these posts. Hope you and Ray are well.

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