Run for the Arts

As I suspect is the case with many bloggers who write on a specific topic (in my case senior running), other aspects of the blogger’s life seldom see the light of day in print. Sooner or later though, other interests will organically wind their way through the narrative.  Take for instance, the Capital 10-Miler – a run for the arts.Capital 10-Miler Logo COLOR-325

Truth be told, this senior runner is as likely to be found browsing an art gallery  Art Assoc of Hbg 1as to be found in a group training run.  

Likely as well to be hanging out in a theatre lobby  
in the evening and at a race start the following morning.  open stage insights logo-w200

And, the occasional  concert is worth taking in.  559043_10151311917200915_198874223_n

An interest in the arts and a passion for running are not mutually exclusive, so why not a race to support the arts?  The story of the creation of the 10-mile race to support nonprofit arts organizations is worthy of a separate post saved for another day.

Capital 10-Miler
Bill Bonney Photography

Because once upon a time, January was a quiet month; a time to put away the holidays, spend quiet time with family, simmer some chili, and take a run in the snow.  This month is ending full throttle with activity, organizing the Capital 10-Miler scheduled for April 7 and simultaneously training for the Boston Marathon, scheduled a mere eight days later.  A recent email from the Boston Athletic Association offering winter training tips is a needed reminder,

Bill Bonney Photography
Capital 10-Miler
Bill Bonney Photography

I’m pleased that I’m not in this alone.  A number of folks on the Capital 10-Miler race committee have also trained well and qualified for Boston 2013.  I will be in the company of plenty of volunteers at the Capital 10-Miler and many supportive friends at Boston, although most of my group will be lined up several corrals in front of me.

I haven’t made that run from Hopkinton to Copley Square for a couple of years.  I’m looking forward to once again being part of the excitement and tradition.  Until then, I will be sharing some tales of odd happenings during previous Boston Marathon trips, most of them occurring off the course. 

Participants in the 2010 Boston Marathon in We...
Boston Marathon near Wellesley – wikipedia


  1. We just love the Capitol 10-miler and are so fortunate to live close enough to participate. This will be my third year and Jim’s first. We are terribly excited. Thanks for all of the hard work put in to making it a go and we look forward to reading about your journey to Boston this year.

  2. So pleased to have you as one of the runners with us each year since the inaugural run. Stay tuned to the Capital 10-Miler facebook page for weekend group training runs & course photos as we get closer to race date.

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