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Christmas Morning Quiet on the Hononegah Path

I doubt that it was done intentionally, but I so appreciate that several of my Midwest relatives selected homes near bike paths and rail trails. As an overnight guest, I can slip out the door in the early morning IMG_1154and within a few blocks, I’m on a path.

So it was Christmas morning when I took to the quiet streets. A usually busy inter- section was nearly deserted. I crossed and found my way to the Hononegah Path.  No snow to run through this year as the weather was eerily warm.

There was little time for more than five or six miles today so this 3+ mile path was perfect. Another time and another visit, I will add on one of the connecting trails identified by Rails to Trails Conservancy.

I notice that the small horse farm that backs onto the trail is for sale. Here’s hoping it stays pasture land. The pessimist in me encourages taking  a good look as I will likely see ongoing residential construction next visit.

The entrance to the Forest Preserve was open although camping is closed for the season. The area was quiet with the exception of the footfall of a  few other runners who had made their dash out the door before the day’s action got under way. They were joined by a couple of dog walkers, birds calling across the trees, and dried underbrush rustling in the wind.

IMG_1153Quiet: a wonderful Christmas gift before returning to the smell of fresh-brewed coffee, the best pumpkin rolls ever tasted, and the company of family.



  afastpacedlife wrote @

I love that website! I use it to find places to run when i travel.

  Still a Runner wrote @

I do too. When I’m traveling staying in hotels I use to locate running paths near the hotel and local running groups I may possibly meet up with as well.

  afastpacedlife wrote @

Great site! Thanks for the info.

  Just a Running Chick wrote @

Oh cool! Great site! Thanks so much! And the run looks very picturesque as well.

  Still a Runner wrote @

You’re welcome. And, yes, it is picturesque – even with a busy 4-lane street on one side, there is forest preserve and shrubbery backing against private homes on the other.

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