Sunshine to Partly Sunny

Sunshine Award
Sunshine Award

There is an appreciative award floating around among running bloggers called the Sunshine Award.  When nominated, a blogger is asked to answer questions and then in turn nominate other bloggers who in turn are given a list of questions to answer. I thank Up & Humming, an active and creative Floridian runner, for recently nominating me.   

I may have failed her though, in that I ran up against a life-long shortcoming, first identified by my elementary teacher many years ago in noting on my assignment:  


Answering the questions that go with the acceptance was not a problem; finding a way to hone questions for some of the beautiful, quirky, and thought-provoking blogs I most admire was.  So, in accepting a Sunshine Award I must grade myself on a curve down to what I will call a Partly Sunny Award.

First, to answer Up & Humming’s questions:

  1. How long have you been running?

    Roughly 40 years on and off. Seriously running, as in actually learning how to train, build distance, etc. – about 15 years.

  2. Why did you start running?

    I love the simplicity – just a good pair of running shoes and you’re off.

  3. Do you use a Garmin, a running app or do you run naked?

    I have run with a Garmin since 2006.  It has traveled with me on three different continents and held up through some nasty weather and tough handling.

  4. What’s your favorite pair of running shoes?

    So glad you asked this question.  Brooks Green Silence.

    Need more of these, please.
    Need more of these, please.

    Brooks recently stopped making this model and I have looked everywhere for an inventory.  If anyone out there has a pair (or two) they purchased and didn’t like, please comment or e-mail me.  I will gladly take them off your hands.

  5. How many days a week do you run on average?

    4-5 days a week for now.

  6. Do you prefer to run alone or with friends?

    I need both sometime during any given week.  Running with friends makes me a stronger runner.

  7. What professional runner do you admire the most and why?

    Joan Benoit Samuelson,

    English: Joan Benoit preparing for 2008 Chicag...
    English: Joan Benoit preparing for 2008 Chicago Marathon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    an olympian, a multi-marathon winner, now a senior runner still truly competitive, and a runner who gives back to the community.

  8. What’s your favorite movie?

    Private Benjamin.

    Cover of "Private Benjamin (Full Screen E...
    Cover of Private Benjamin (Full Screen Edition)

    Goldie Hawn is my favorite comedienne. The orange hair scene still cracks me up.

  9. What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?A Turtle Sundae, hot caramel over candied pecans and rich vanilla ice cream.

  10. What would you choose, vanilla or chocolate?Vanilla – see #9 above.

partly sunny
Partly Sunny Award?

Second, the award request I didn’t address: After pondering the questions to ask of my favorite blogs, some with good and serious training advice, some with a strong philosophical bent, some that touch my heart with insight, some with travel/running reports that push the wanderlust button, I realized this interviewer couldn’t find 10 questions that would give readers the essence of each of their blogs.  So, instead I finally added a Community section on my page.

That section is pretty basic now, but I’ll be working to improve it. By presenting me with this award, Up & Humming gave me the inspiration to customize my page and showcase some of my favorite posts from my favorite blogs. I’ll let you know when that is done.  In the meantime, I’m settling for a self-named Partly Sunny Award.


  1. I run into similar struggles with naming bloggers I am inspired by, as my list goes well beyond the number an award would call for…will be working on this too with two nominations. I like your approach!

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